Unfair Outbound Advantages
Advanced Tools & Techniques to improve conversion

Liron Kaplan



ELad Flishko

Strategic AE


Or Biderman

Co-Founder & CEO


In this event we’ll focus on how to leverage unfair advantages to get cold buyers engaged with your outbound communication.

We will focus on how to identify their non-verbal communication and digital footprints to achieve higher conversion rates.

17:30 - 17:40
Unfair Outbound Advantages
Liron Kaplan, Founder & CEO | EQip

Opening the webinar with an intro to Unfair Outbound Advantages and the newest ideas in maximizing outbound conversion. 

When you have “Unfair Advantages” the buyer must not be alarmed by the fact you know more then you are supposed too.  Liron will share his insights about how to use Unfair Advantages correctly. 


17:40 - 17:55
How to find and leverage buyer intent data
Elad Flishko, Strategic AE | Amplemarket

How can we prospects that are looking to buy right now? How can we find potential accounts that have an issue or interest in what we have to offer? 

In this part Elad will answer these questions and demonstrate tools and techniques that can enable you to maximize your list conversion rate before your first touch was sent.


17:55- 18:10
Know what your prospects really think
Or Biderman, Founder & CEO | Novacy

How can you know when your prospect is lying or withholding valuable information? How can you tell your prospect is concerned about what you say if they are not sharing it with you?

In this part Or will open our minds to the world of non-verbal remote communication and how we can “read our prospects mind”. After you know more then they said, how to gently adjust our next steps and close any gaps that were created along the way. Ok, some A.I might be involved. 

What Will Your Learn?

How to find prospect with intent and contact them correctly

Group 13

How to leverage AI for prospect mind reading

How to use Unfair Advantages correctly and systematically

Event Speakers
Liron Kaplan
Founder & CEO @ EQip, BSELLER
Mamram Alumni, Tech Revenue Growth at BSELLER. Trained over 1K BDRs across 3 continents.
Elad Flishko
Strategic AE @ Amplemarket

Outbound expert specializing in hypergrowth tools and techniques. 

Or Biderman
Co-Founder & CEO @ Novacy

Non-verbal sales expert, turning behavior into success

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