New Content Experience
That Accelerates
Your Marketing Funnel

Optimize your content results by making it consumable anytime, anywhere
Summurai is designed to offer you a new means of communication – more precise and more fitting to today’s age of information overload. A means that will enable your target audience to receive informative, relevant and accurate information via text or audio, and to consume it whenever and wherever they find convenient.

Meet the Summy:
The Perfect Content Bite

The Summy ensures maximized customer experience,
increases engagement and improves conversions
  • Brand identity
    • Logo, visuals and colors
  • Visual elements
    • A single, multiple images or a video
  • Audio content
    • An audio version presentation of the content, reducing the need to read
  • Textual content
    • A transcript or a detailed textual version for those who feel more comfortable reading
  • Call to action
    • Choose from 7 call-to-action tools, to make sure your customer journey goes on.

Here’s what our customers say

Itai Rogatka
Itai Rogatka
CEO BubbleDan
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EQip drastically improved our customer acquisition process. Their team customized the Pipedrive CRM to suit our unique needs, worked with us to develop a refined sales strategy, and automated time consuming task for our team. I love working with them and especially appreciate their services, professionalism and flexibility.
Hannah Davidovitch
Hannah Davidovitch
Head of Sales & Marketing at Ram Mograbi Arditi Real Estate
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EQip’s customized Pipedrive CRM provides an excellent solution for our sales team and is highly recommended. The innovation, variety of tools and automations in the system improved the sales process and the relationship with customers.
Gilad Ramati
Gilad Ramati
Founder of Gilad Ramati Law office
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I received a warm recommendation regarding EQip and the Pipedrive CRM. The EQip team executed a quick and smooth transition to Pipedrive CRM for my Firm. Pipedrive helps me track my leads and allows me to give my customers more attention and better service.

What can EQip do to make sure you thrive with Summurai?

EQip is a Summurai Partner specializing in implementing advanced sales playbooks, and integrating it to match business processes and existing technologies.

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