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Special event for the Mamram Community

Liron Kaplan



Ben Weinstock

Head of CS


Ori Manor Zuckerman

Co-Founder & CEO


In this event we’ll focus on the revenue growth challenges of early stage startups that are still looking for PMF and need to start selling.

We will explore the techniques and tools to overcome these challenges, taking into account strict budgets and limited resources.

9:00 - 9:45
Lean & Mean Growth Machine
Liron Kaplan & Ben Weinstock | EQip
The “Pipeline approach” for managing key startup processes (sales, recruitment, fundraising) in a lean and highly effective manner.

The “Pipeline approach” for managing key startup processes in a lean and highly effective manner.

This session will begin with an opening  from EQip’s founder, Liron Kaplan, about the “Rule of Large Numbers” in growth processes and three other principles for startup growth. This will be followed by a demonstration of a lean management tool-kit by EQip’s Head of CS, Ben Weinstock. The session will conclude with the unveiling of the EQip’s Startup Tech Stack with a unique offer for the Mamram community.


10:00 - 10:45
Opening Locked Doors
Liron Kaplan & Ben Weinstock | EQip
How to find contact details and manage your prospecting easily. Effective techniques and tools for a successful B2B Outbound process.

If the door is closed, open it -> If the door is locked, find a key -> Can’t find a key? Find a window or dig a tunnel!

The outbound puzzle is one that many Startups are working to solve. On this session Liron will provide you with Outbound Fundamentals for success. Ben will demonstrate how to effectively use your CRM for cold Sales Engagement, while unifying sales & marketing efforts. The session will conclude with demonstrations of “Tolstoy”.  A video messaging tool, to create interactive video journeys that can quickly engage prospects.



11:00- 12:00
Demonstrating 'Domain Expertise' and grabbing the 'Upper Hand' to win the deal
Ori Manor Zuckerman | Substrata
How to improve win rates in real-time with AI based behavioral intelligence.

Most B2B Startups confront the challenge of gaining trust and professional appreciation they deserve from B2B prospects. Those senior individuals evaluating your solutions are highly important to impress. Substrata is an advanced tool which uses comprehensive data matrix, and advanced machine learning research to generate optimal email answers for winning new deals. 

The session will conclude with a live demonstration of AI email analysis and simulations by Substrata.

What Will Your Learn?

How to find Leads, Candidates
& Investors Easily

Using cost effective prospecting tools and methods

Group 13

How to convert prospects

How to optimize your outbound sales development efforts

Tools for Lean & Mean
Revenue Management

How to use cost-effective solutions to maximize revenue growth

Event Speakers
Liron Kaplan
Founder & CEO @ EQip, BSELLER
Mamram Alumni, CEO & Founder of EQip. Revenue Growth at BSELLER. Trained over 1K BDRs across 3 continents.
Ben Wheinstock
Head of CS @ EQip

A CRM & Automation expert specializing in Customer Acquisition processes. Working with leading companies to build Outbound Infrastructures.

Ori Manor Zuckerman
Co-Founder & CEO @ Substrata

Co-founder & CEO of Substrata. Married + 1, lives in TLV. Previously co-founded Valueshine Ventures, DiscoverCloud, Dadviz (Acq. By Vocativ) & Unomy (Acq. by WeWork).  

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