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Pipedrive CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses manage their sales processes and improve their customer engagement.
With Pipedrive CRM, businesses can customize their sales process to match their specific needs and workflows.

How will Pipedrive’s CRM solution boost my sales?

Customers love to work with Pipedrive CRM in the following cases:
  • Sales Process Management: Customers who are looking for a tool to assist them manage their sales process and pipeline find Pipedrive CRM useful due to its user-friendly interface and customizable sales process features.

  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses: Pipedrive CRM is particularly popular among small and medium-sized businesses due to its affordable pricing and ease of use.

  • Automation: Customers who want to automate their sales processes find Pipedrive CRM useful due to its automation features, including lead management and email integration, which boost productivity and streamline workflows.

  • Sales Forecasting: Businesses looking to forecast their revenue and plan for future growth find Pipedrive CRM’s sales forecasting tools particularly useful.

  • Collaboration: Pipedrive CRM’s collaboration features, including activity tracking and team visibility, make it an attractive option for teams that need to work together to close deals.

  • Integrations: Pipedrive CRM integrates with a wide range of other tools and platforms, providing a seamless user experience for customers who want to incorporate it into their existing workflows.

Here’s what our customers say

Itai Rogatka
Itai Rogatka
CEO BubbleDan
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EQip drastically improved our customer acquisition process. Their team customized the Pipedrive CRM to suit our unique needs, worked with us to develop a refined sales strategy, and automated time consuming task for our team. I love working with them and especially appreciate their services, professionalism and flexibility.
Hannah Davidovitch
Hannah Davidovitch
Head of Sales & Marketing at Ram Mograbi Arditi Real Estate
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EQip’s customized Pipedrive CRM provides an excellent solution for our sales team and is highly recommended. The innovation, variety of tools and automations in the system improved the sales process and the relationship with customers.
Gilad Ramati
Gilad Ramati
Founder of Gilad Ramati Law office
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I received a warm recommendation regarding EQip and the Pipedrive CRM. The EQip team executed a quick and smooth transition to Pipedrive CRM for my Firm. Pipedrive helps me track my leads and allows me to give my customers more attention and better service.

What can EQip do to make sure you thrive with Pipedrive?

EQip is a Pipedrive Elite Partner specializing in implementing Pipedrive and integrating it to match business processes and existing technologies.

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