Read the entire room,
not just the speakers.

The behavioral intelligence platform
Using audio, text, and body language analysis, Novacy helps revenue teams to gain higher success rate and more accurate predictions by understanding their prospects’ underlying perceptions.

How to sell more with Novacy

  • Analyse the behaviour of all buyers, including the ones that haven’t spoken much and understand which obstacles you need to remove to push the deal forward.
  • Save time and enjoy automated data entry pushed to your CRM from every interaction on every platform (zoom, meet) and even if the customer initiated the invite:
    • Meeting summary
    • Pain points
    • Objections
    • Deal risks
    • Next steps
  • Coach reps on how to improve based on actual data and team comparisons.


Topic Extraction
Automated Note Taking


Person Tracking
Engagement Metrics
Sequential Analysis


Tone of Voice
Engagement Cues

Here’s what our customers say

Idan Arealy
Idan Arealy
CRO of Anagog
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Although our deep calls' analysis culture, it’s always been a challenge to understand the reasons behind the performance differences from one rep to another. opened our eyes to the customers’ emotional reactions throughout the sales cycle, so now it's easier to fix those behaviors which trigger negative reactions on the prospect side and also to model and replicate the top-sellers behaviors and tactics.
Leigh Solomon
Leigh Solomon
VP Strategic Growth of IGM Technology (Fintech)
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I definitely recommend Novacy for its unique ability to tap on to prospects’ emotions and uncover hidden objections that may occur in a sales cycle. The platform provides crucial insights that allow sales representatives make informed decisions and grants sales leaders the control over the organizations pipeline and performance.
Assa Eldar
Assa Eldar
Co-founder & CRO of Bria (Generative AI)
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I highly recommend Novacy for its intuitive ability to reveal customer reactions in sales interactions. The platform provides valuable insights and is an indispensable tool in any sales strategy.

What can EQip do to make sure you thrive with Novacy?

EQip is a Novacy Partner specializing in implementing advanced sales tools for results impact, and integrating it to match business processes and existing technologies.

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