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Digital tools
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We will learn your needs and select with precision the most optimal Tech Stack
out of the world’s leading SaaS brands for digital transformation.

Business Processes that ensure success

Whether it’s sales, recruitment, fundraising, accounting or any other business process. We can make it Lean & Mean and still maintain a warm human touch.

Work Processes that ensure progress

No more repetitive tasks or filing nightmares. We will automate processes and allow you to focus only on what’s beneficial to you.

12 hours a week

Average time saved


Average decrease in deal cycle time


Average increase in deals won


Average revenue growth rate

Digital & Human Transformation

Digital success is all about the people behind the screens. We create a simple, insightful and fun experience that get everyone on board towards new destinations.

There's a better way of doing things

Solve the problem

You don’t need to know how to solve the problem, you don’t even need to know exactly what the problem is – you just need to have a basic understanding that there must be a better way of doing things.

Break down the challenges

EQip will come in as early as that and work with you to break down the challenges, provide comprehensive support in the four areas essential for successful transformation to a better digital future.

Master of the technology

We master the selection of the technology needed and the business processes it must support to bring success. We zoom in on the work processes (and habits) it’s supposed to replace, and the psychology that needs to be considered (motivations, fears, and resistance) in order to get everyone onboard.

Respect transformations​

We get it. It’s a damn scary ride, lots of reassurance is required. We have been there and done that ourselves and with others so many times. It taught us to remain humble enough to respect that digital transformations mean change and people fear change – and so, they don’t just need a new system or technology, they the need human touch that will support them in making that change positive and result in growth.​

Holistic approach​

With a holistic approach to implementing technology in any organization, EQip bridges the gap between the tangibles and the intangibles – we have the technological expertise and business understanding to support organizations as they evolve into what they can accomplish. We have the patience, sensitivity, and EQ to understand human behaviors, habits and barriers. We have built thousands of processes and methodologies that focus on getting people involved and engaged.​

Here’s what our customers say

Itai Rogatka
Itai Rogatka
CEO BubbleDan
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EQip drastically improved our customer acquisition process. Their team customized the Pipedrive CRM to suit our unique needs, worked with us to develop a refined sales strategy, and automated time consuming task for our team. I love working with them and especially appreciate their services, professionalism and flexibility.
Hannah Davidovitch
Hannah Davidovitch
Head of Sales & Marketing at Ram Mograbi Arditi Real Estate
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EQip’s customized Pipedrive CRM provides an excellent solution for our sales team and is highly recommended. The innovation, variety of tools and automations in the system improved the sales process and the relationship with customers.
Gilad Ramati
Gilad Ramati
Founder of Gilad Ramati Law office
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I received a warm recommendation regarding EQip and the Pipedrive CRM. The EQip team executed a quick and smooth transition to Pipedrive CRM for my Firm. Pipedrive helps me track my leads and allows me to give my customers more attention and better service.

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